PepFactor in Freehold, NJ

If you want to regain your lustrous locks and enjoy a thicker head of hair, PepFactor might be for you. This minimally invasive, easy, and effective technique uses your body’s plasma and a combination of polypeptides to stimulate hair growth, leaving you with a natural, healthy look that can shave years off your appearance. At New Jersey Hair Restoration Center in Freehold, NJ, our team specializes in giving our clients the hair they want and deserve.

What Is PepFactor?

This state-of-the-art treatment uses a revolutionary combination of peptides and your own blood plasma to stimulate new hair growth through fibroblasts, prompting collagen and elastin production. It reduces the appearance of balding or thin patches on your head. It’s a simple outpatient session that yields rapid results, and it’s since it’s minimally invasive, you won’t have to deal with any residual cosmetic effects.

Most people will see complete results within a week, although everyone is different, so it’s important to talk to our team to see what we can do for you. Best of all, you’ll enjoy long-lasting results with a strong head of natural hair that you can style however you prefer. Plus, you’ll enjoy the confidence that you’ll get from your new look, and most of our clients find that their quality of life improves dramatically after one of these simple sessions.


The most significant benefit that most people experience is the look and feel of natural hair that they can start enjoying almost immediately after the treatment. Since each client has unique needs, we’ll talk to you about what you can expect and the tremendous benefits you’ll personally enjoy after your session.

  • Natural hair regrowth
  • Enhanced scalp health
  • Increased hair density
  • Longer, thicker hair strands
  • Effective for various hair loss stages
  • Improvement in hair texture and strength
  • Long-lasting results

What Causes Hair Loss?

There are plenty of things that can prompt you to lose your hair, and hair loss happens to both men and women. Stress, hereditary factors, or deficiencies in your diet can all be factors. Plus, hair loss can come in various ways, from thinning locks to bald patches. Whatever the reason or type of hair loss, we’re here to help.

The Treatment Process

We understand that every client is a unique case, and we give you personalized, specific care to help you meet your goals. Plus, our team is on hand to answer any question that you have along the way. Your journey to beautiful hair begins with an in-person consultation, where we’ll talk about customized treatment options to address your needs. During this consultation, we’ll discuss the look you want to achieve and how best to get a natural result.

Next, you’ll come in for your treatment, where our team will answer any last-minute questions we have and then start the session. This effective treatment is minimally invasive, which reduces your need for downtime later, and most people begin to see dramatic results within a few days. Afterward, we’ll discuss any follow-up care and let you know what you should expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to your hair, you want to make sure that you understand every step of the process and that you’re getting the best care possible. That’s why we’re able to answer any personal questions you might have and give you answers to the most common queries about this exceptional treatment.

What Is This Treatment Made From?

Biotechnology and molecular science experts pioneered the unique formula of PepFactor. This formulation is the product of patented, groundbreaking elements.

The inventors have crafted specialized treatments for hair and skin by merging PepFactor with different components. These treatments concentrate on the distinct region where it is used.

How Does This Treatment Work?

This treatment works by prompting your scalp to create more collagen, which helps hair follicles thrive and ultimately results in a most healthy, robust, head of hair. Using your body’s natural collagen and follicles is a great way to produce a natural look that has plenty of staying power.

Is There Anything I Should Do Before My Treatment?

During your initial consultation with our team, we’ll outline how you can best set yourself up for success before your treatment. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to reduce your smoking and alcohol consumption or cut them out entirely before heading in for your session. You can also tell us what products you’re using, and we’ll let you know if you should stop using them temporarily to make the treatment more effective.

How Can I Maximize the Treatment?

Sometimes follow-up care is necessary, so it’s important to talk to us about what you can expect and follow an agreed-upon post-treatment schedule as necessary. You might need to come in for multiple sessions to achieve your desired results, and the frequency and number of those sessions will vary from person to person.

Additionally, caring for your health is an excellent way to enhance and keep your results. Keeping stress at a minimum, getting proper sleep, and adhering to a healthy diet are all excellent ways to ensure that your treatment is as much of a success as it can be.

Enjoy Gorgeous, Natural Locks

If you want to get a lovely, strong head of hair, PepFactor is an excellent option. The results are rapid, noticeable, and long-lasting, and you can rest assured that you’ll be on a personalized plan designed that will help you look and feel your best. It’s truly a revolution in the field of hair care and hair restoration, using the body’s own collagen and plasma to create amazing results that you’ll love for years to come.