Creating A Natural Hairline

What is a natural hairline? It’s a hairline that is soft and does not draw attention from those around you. When it comes to having hair replacement surgery in Freehold, NJ, the creation of a natural hairline can make a world of difference in how you look. Though hair replacement surgery has existed for many years, it wasn’t until the late 1990’s that a natural hairline was achievable. Though the technologies existed to make it possible, no one could figure out how to combine them to produce a natural hairline properly.

The Creation Of Natural Hairlines

Thanks to the efforts and realizations of Dr. Bobby Limmer, the quality of hair restoration increased exponentially. The creation of the natural hairline not only became possible, but it also became the standard in care worldwide. Dr. Limmer realized that a combination of a single blade scalpel for removing a donor strip and the use of stereoscopic microscopes to properly separate naturally occurring follicular bundles was the way to ensure a natural hairline.

Microscopes are necessary to see into the tissue once the follicles are dissected from the donor strip. This is the only way to see how many hairs are in a follicle unit. What is assumed to be a single hair graft can turn into a double or triple graft once under the microscope. This is why Limmer’s method is the only method that can allow a single true graft to be used in a natural hairline.

Other Methods Don’t Make The Cut

Though there have been other procedures that have challenged this method over the years, such as FUE, nothing has equaled its naturalness or survival rates. Many of the grafts that are placed into hairlines by FUE clinics will have an unnatural appearance, inconsistent density, and plugginess. FUE clinics concentrate on growth rates and how many grafts can be removed safely, disregarding the importance of a natural appearance.

Instead of moving forward with proper hair restoration procedures and the creation of natural hairlines, the newest methods are moving hair restoration backward. Single grafts are being overrun by double and triple grafts. Procedures that use stereoscopic dissecting microscopes are the way to ensure natural hairline results made up of single hair grafts.

Never Settle For Less

No one understands the misery of hair loss until they’ve had an unnatural hair replacement. When people stare at your hairline instead of your eyes during an important conversation, it can be humiliating and scar you for life. It takes more than a single graft to find success, however. It also takes into consideration:

  • Continuity for the direction
  • Angle for the placement
  • Hair density (coarse or fine)

Even the worst hairline designs can benefit from single hair grafts. But in the end, a natural hairline must include multiple considerations to avoid embarrassing situations. Choosing a hair clinic in Freehold, NJ that uses microscopes to create the hairline is the first step toward a natural result. Even the worst hairline can be improved as long as dissecting microscopes are involved in the procedure.

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