Getting A Chest Hair Transplant

It’s not unusual for someone living here in Freehold, NJ to think about getting a hair transplant. Hair loss can be a sensitive matter for some people, and in the case of those that work in the media, something like hair loss can even affect job security, in addition to self-esteem or social issues.

However, while hair transplants for the head are quite well-known, other parts of the body can sometimes also benefit from this type of procedure. The chest, for example, is another part of the body that can successfully receive transplants! But why and how would someone living in Freehold, NJ do this?

Complete The Look

Different people will have different attitudes toward the presence of chest hair. Some people don’t think about it much, and no opinion one way or the other. Others view the absence of chest hair as more appealing and aesthetically pleasing, while still others view the presence of chest hair as more masculine and important to maintaining a strong, male self-image.

For some, chest hair may have been previously removed by electrolysis, and now that person has had a change of heart and wishes to get the chest hair back. For others, the chest hair was never there, to begin with, due genetics, and the person being born without it, even after puberty arrives. For others, however, chest hair may already be present, but due to accidents, like burns, scar tissue has left “patches” where it’s no longer as complete and natural-looking as it was before.

How It Works

A chest hair transplant works on the same principles as a hair transplant for the head. As the name implies, hair follicles are taken from one part of the body, and then transplanted to another, similar to taking trees and moving them to new locations to take root and continue to grow.

In this case, a hair transplant normally occurs by taking healthy growing hair from a donor site. A patch of skin with 1-3 healthy hair follicles is removed and then grafted with a small needle to the recipient site, in this case, the chest. This is done, depending on need, from 500-1000 times, and can take several hours. This is not a major surgical activity, so no general anesthetic is required, although a local anesthetic is often used to help with discomfort.

Once done, it will usually take about three months to start seeing the hair grow, and anywhere from 12-14 months for the process to completely grow in and complete itself. This is an outpatient procedure, so no hospitalization is required.

Get A Professional

If you think that getting a chest hair transplant in Freehold, NJ keep in mind that specific costs will vary a lot from one person to the next. Someone looking to get a patch of chest hair restored is getting a very different final cost from someone with no chest hair at all. The only way to know for sure is to get a professional medical evaluation, so that you have an accurate understanding of the cost, and procedure to base your decision.

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