Hair Loss in Summer – Effective Natural Ways to Protect Your Hair

People often look forward to summer – especially after long winters. However, it is also the time when you face hair loss problems the most. Seasonal hair loss is a common phenomenon experienced by both men and women. If the issue gets tackled naturally, there is nothing to worry about. Otherwise, you might need to seek hair loss treatment. There are some natural remedies that you can try to combat the problem of seasonal hair loss or hair fall as well, and get ready to flaunt voluminous and vibrant hair. Read on to learn more about hair loss and effective strategies to protect your hair.

Why Does Hair Loss Become Worse in the Summer?

Losing 100 strands of hair every day is normal. Losing more hair than this amount, however, is a matter of concern.

Some of the common causes of hair loss during summer are as follows:

  • Research shows that during the summer months, there are more resting follicles. Resting follicles shed hair as preparation for regrowth.
  • Another reason for more hair loss during the summer months is exposure to sunlight. The body produces less melatonin, thus impacting the hormone levels in the scalp. As a result, hair follicles carry out natural shedding for a long time.
  • One more reason is that during summer, the scalp and hair strands are drained of moisture, making the hair dull and dry. The hair becomes brittle and more prone to falling out.

How Does Excessive Sun Exposure Contribute to Hair Loss in Summer?

Sun exposure is one of the causes leading to hair loss during the summer. This is because of the UV rays of the sun. These rays tend to make the hair dull, discolored, and dry as they absorb moisture from the hair and the scalp. Lack of moisture makes the hair dry and brittle, and more fragile. To prevent this, it is recommended to use an umbrella or cover the head with a scarf or a cap during summer.

What Are Some Natural Remedies to Protect Hair from Sun Damage?

If you want to protect your hair from sun damage, you can try these simple natural remedies:

  • Apply aloe vera juice to the scalp and hair
  • Regular warm coconut oil massages are great for controlling hair loss
  • Do not forget to use a conditioner every time after washing hair
  • Do not wash hair too frequently
  • Try using homemade nourishing hair masks consisting of different suitable oils and other useful ingredients
  • Cover your head when stepping out in the sun

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Are There Any Specific Dietary Changes and Supplements That Can Help Prevent Hair Loss in Summer?

Diet plays an important role in preventing hair loss in summer. Try including fruits and vegetables in your diet, which are rich in antioxidants. Green, leafy, and dark vegetables, various seasonal fruits, nuts, seeds, etc., are great for fortifying hair cells from the inside out. These prevent oxidative damage and keep the scalp healthy, protecting against hair fall in summer.

Can Using Certain Hair Care Products Aggravate Hair Loss in Hot Weather?

If you want to deal with seasonal hair loss, refrain from using certain hair care products as they tend to aggravate hair loss in hot weather. Stay away from chemical hair treatments, including coloring, bleaching, etc. Use the blow dryer minimally, and let the hair dry naturally. Try not to use curlers or styling irons too frequently. Simply put, keep the hair as natural as possible.

Look for hair care products that can replenish, hydrate, and moisturize the hair and scalp. Select products with hair ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin E, argan oil, and avocado oil, as these ingredients nourish the hair.

What Are Some Effective Natural Ingredients That Can Be Used in Homemade Hair Masks?

Homemade hair masks and treatments are highly effective for combating hair loss in the summer. Some of the natural ingredients that should be included in the making of such masks are:

  • Aloe vera
  • Coconut oil
  • Plain yogurt
  • Mayonnaise
  • Eggs
  • Olive oil
  • Beer
  • Strawberries
  • Honey
  • Banana
  • Apple cider vinegar

Applying hair masks made from these ingredients will help to replenish hair strands and reduce hair loss and damage in the summer.

How Does Proper Hydration Play a Role in Maintaining Healthy Hair in the Summer?

Proper hydration plays a major role in maintaining healthy hair in the summer. Dehydration makes your hair dry and brittle, so make sure you drink enough water to keep your hair moisturized and vibrant. Drink abundant water for proper hydration. You can also choose natural cooling liquids for keeping your body, hair, and scalp hydrated and healthy. It is also recommended to include as many fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet, like tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, etc., as they have high water content.

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Can Excessive Sweating during Summer Contribute to Hair Loss, and How Can It Be Managed Effectively?

Excessive sweating is one of the main causes of hair loss in the summer months. The salt content in sweat affects the scalp and hair, leading to hair loss. Excessive sweating leads to greasy hair and dandruff build-up as well. Because of excessive oils on the scalp, the hair follicles get clogged, and natural hair growth gets hampered. Therefore, you must keep the scalp dry and clean to reduce hair loss in the summer.

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